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    Laboratory Department


    We will achieve our vision by providing our customers with high-quality, timely and accurate services, using innovative technology. We will serve our customers in a courteous and caring manner. With emphasis on excellence and complete customer satisfaction.

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    Pediatric Department


    We, the KNH Pediatric Department, give the best services for the wellness of each and every pediatric patient in the department.

  • internal-medicine

    Internal Medicine Department


    Based on the belief that all people have the right to access a high standard of healthcare, we are working together, using the latest technology, giving compassionate evidence based care, with care to adults with a special emphasis on those with multiple chronic medical conditions (ambulatory care), giving comprehensive care to aging Alkhafji citizens, giving a high quality, cost effective care to patients hospitalized at KNH to serve the population of ALKHAFJI city as a remote area.

  • Goals• Excellence: through quality patient care and development of our resources.
    • Ethics: equity, honesty, integrity, privacy and confidentiality.
    • Principles: we respect and trust individuals.
    • Teamwork: we work collaboratively to achieve objectives.
    • Accountability: loyalty and commitment.
    • Safety: we are committed to maintain patient and environmental safety.
    • Responsibility:efficient operation and fiscal accountability.
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    NICU Department


    providing best health services for neonates in KHAFJI and surrounding small cities with best quality our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective, CBAHI standard healthcare which will meet the needs and expectations of AL-KHAFJI residents and the surrounding cities through comprehensive primary and secondary care services on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

  • ICU Department

    ICU Department


    The mission of the Intensive Care Unit in AL-Khafji National Hospital is to provide standard intensive treatment and monitoring according to The national standards of Critical Care Medicine management protocols.

  • Goals• Patient safety.
    • High quality medical service.
    • Patient and relatives satisfaction.
    • Avoid unnecessary patient referrals.
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    OPD Department


    KNH seeks to provide the highest quality of HEALTH education to its clients through excellence in teaching, patient care, research and public service. The mission of the OPD is to provide guided clinical experiences in efficient, effective, competent patient care in order to provide superior quality services.

  • Goals• To offer basic health care to the citizens in our community in a safe and pleasant environment.
    • To offer OPD staff the proper environment and resources for their professional growth and development.
    • To provide health education to patients.
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    Anesthesia Department


    We, aim at the highest standard quality of care to our patient; keeping them comfortable painless, safe and respect their dignity.

  • Operations room department

    Operations Room Department


    We, O.R. Department To Provide Optimum Level of Health with High Quality, Safety, Competence, and Advancement of Excellent to Provide Exceptional Care.

  • Ob & gyne department

    Ob Gyne Department


    Is to give women the highest possible standards of physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health and well-being throughout their lives in cost effective way.

  • Emergency Department

    Emergency Department


    To provide fast and efficient assessment of patients on arrival in ER according to available facilities; To provide resuscitation for patient with immediate life threatening conditions To Provide accurate assessment of patient with minor complaint and directly guides them to the primary health care and primary screening clinic in the evening.

  • Surgery Department

    Surgery Department


    We are committed to provide our patient with high quality cost effective healthcare service and following the international patient safety goals.

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    Nutrition Department


    Sharing in healthcare by providing clean, good, healthy and properly food.

  • Pharmacy Department

    Pharmacy Department


    Al khafji national pharmacy is a private healthcare facility whose mission is to provide high quality, cost effective services to meet the needs and expectations of alkahfji residents and the surrounding cities through comprehensive primary and secondary care services or inpatient and outpatient basis.

  • Physiotherapy department

    Physiotherapy Department


    We, physiotherapy department, provides range of treatment that help patients to regain the use of their body function after injury or illness and help them to achieve the highest functional level for their daily living.

  • Admission Department

    Admission Department


  • Cardiology department

    Cardiology Department


  • Dental department

    Dental Department


  • Dermatology Department

    Dermatology Department


  • ENT Department

    ENT Department


  • Ophthalmology department

    Ophthalmology Department


  • Orthopedic department

    Orthopedic Department


  • Urology department

    Urology Department


  • X ray Department

    X ray Department